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Below you find people working on the Nano protocol or related projects. The goal is to increase the visibility of developers accepting donations. If you are currently working on Nano related projects (that is not a for-profit company), submit a PR with your info as seen here.

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Creator and maintainer of Trynano, a site for introducing newcomers to Nano by allowing them to try out Nano hands-on instantly, for free, and with zero setup/hassle. Two wallets are generated for the user, a built-in faucet is available to use to get some Nano right away, the user can ping the nano back and forth between the two wallets and see the transaction results, and lastly, the user can create their own private wallet and send that nano to their newly created wallet right away (or simply return it back to where it came from). Your contribution will help to keep the site up and running for years to come!

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