Exploring the World in 2018 with a Coachmen Apex Nano 193BHS

Exploring the World in 2018 with a Coachmen Apex Nano 193BHS

Introduction to the 2018 Coachmen Apex Nano 193BHS:

Are you looking to get away without breaking the bank? The 2018 Coachmen Apex Nano 193BHS is the perfect RV option for adventurers on a budget. With its lightweight construction and modern amenities, this trailer provides maximum fun in a powerfully comfortable package.

The exterior of the Apex Nano features an aerodynamic front profile with high ground clearance, making it easy to tow, maneuver, and store in tight spaces. Its one-piece seamless roof membrane means improved tent strength and weather protection while eliminating those pesky leaks you might find in other models. You’ll also enjoy plenty of storage space thanks to its extra-large pass-through compartment and outside speakers.

Inside this trailer comes fully loaded with everything you need including a full kitchenette and bathroom, oversized dinette booth for relaxing meals or playing board games after dark, plus sleeping for five comfortably with a queen bed up front, double bunk beds at the rear, and more sleeping options available on the included convertible couch. It packs all this into just 20 feet of living space so you won’t be cramped on your travels.

In addition to external power sources like 110v electricity for charging digital devices or running appliances, this Coachmen model allows boondocking off the grid too by running off battery power alone (and two 30-pound propane tanks if necessary). On top of that it includes air conditioning/heating system so even during scorching summer days or cold winter nights your comfort remains intact no matter where you decide to park it throughout your journey.

All these features make the 2018 Coachmen Apex Nano 193BHS the ideal RV trailer choice for experiencing nature without sacrificing style or price no matter where life takes you; giving new meaning to what it means to travel off-the road!

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Benefits of Owning a 2018 Coachmen Apex Nano 193BHS:

Owning a 2018 Coachmen Apex Nano 193BHS can bring your family numerous benefits that you simply can’t find in any of the conventional outdoor camping accommodations. This RV model is fully loaded with unique amenities, including all-weather insulation, modern kitchen appliances, and spacious sleeping quarters. Whether you’re taking a road trip for work or simply heading out to explore distant natural locales, the following are just some of the advantages of owning an Apex Nano 193BHS.

The first benefit of this RV is its overall livability; even when you’re roughing it while on vacation, this RV offers a cozy home-away-from home feel. With its slide out dinette and sofa bed tucked into the main living area, you’ll have enough room to comfortably fit your entire family. The convenient double bunk beds in the rear give grownups and kids alike plenty of space to sleep through the night without feeling crammed together. Not to mention, everyone’s sure love being able to prepare delicious meals in its modern Galley Kitchen which includes stainless steel sink, three burner stove top and microwave oven!

Ease of set up is another major advantage when it comes to buying an Apex Nan 193BHS instead of standard camping tents or caravans: thanks to its electric stabilizer jacks and retractable Awning with LED lighting located overhead— this RV comes together quickly and easily each time you arrive at your destination so you won’t spend countless hours trying to make sure everything is setup correctly! You’ll also appreciate its wide variety of convenience features such as an onboard tank monitoring system that keeps track of liquid levels whether they be fresh water tanks or holding tanks; you’ll always be on top just how much fuel remains in each cylinder straight from inside your tow vehicle’s dashboard – eliminating any need for tedious external readings each time those tanks are filled back up again afterwards!

On top of all that practicality, Coachmen has included loads more options potential owners may want. Some favorites include exterior speakers for outdoor entertainment (with Bluetooth connectivity), heated underbelly protection designed specifically winter camping trips during colder months -and even a power tongue jack making it easier than ever before unloading/ loading times upon arrival/departure; no matter what season it happens are traveling in! Finally last but certainly not least: let us not forget about fully enclosed underbelly storage keeping both items stowed away securely dry despite any weather conditions outside this apex nano might endure throughout various journeys taken together over lifetime ownership!

Eco-Friendliness & Space Management of the 2018 Coachmen Apex Nano 193BHS:

The 2018 Coachmen Apex Nano 193BHS has been designed with eco-friendliness and space management at the top of its list. It is engineered to use energy and natural resources responsibly while maximizing living space.

To keep its environmental footprint small, The Apex Nano 193BHS boasts upgraded foam insulation throughout the walls, ceiling, as well as slide rooms. This ensures that you’re comfortable inside regardless of the outside temperature, while also reducing your energy usage when cooling or heating the unit. Additionally, it comes with a plethora of windows and roof vents that allow for effective circulation without having to rely on electricity.

The Apex Nano 193BSH also has some clever storage solutions to maximize living space without compromising on comfort. It features overhead cabinets for easier access; pantry-style wardrobes for convenience; a power china cabinet for snacks or beverages; an insulated refrigerator freezer/storage bin combo; individually adjustable LED lighting fixtures; as well as ladder-mounted racks so that bulky items can be stored up high yet still remain within easy reach — perfect for all your camping gear! Furthermore, the underbed storage is large enough for all the items you might want to bring along on your travels but don’t want cluttering up your interiorerspace.

Overall, this RV proves that eco-friendliness and practicality don’t have to be mutually exclusive concepts: all it takes is great design! With its superior insulation, solar panel ready construction, efficient space management and numerous efficient storage solutions – such as those explained above – The Apollo Nano 193BHS just might be one of the best ways to explore nature in style while keeping our environment safe.

Pros & Cons of the 2018 Coachmen Apex Nano 193BHS:


-The 2018 Coachmen Apex Nano 193BHS is an affordable yet luxurious camper. It comes with a variety of features and amenities that make this a great option for families looking to travel in comfort. The interior is equipped with a full kitchen, residential-style furniture, a power slide-out bed, and plenty of storage space. Additionally, the exterior features an aerodynamic design that improves fuel efficiency and towing capability.

-The Apex Nano 193BHS also boasts a number of high-tech features such as GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and satellite radio. This makes it simple to stay connected while on the road and enjoy entertainment while relaxing at camp. Furthermore, the RV has an outdoor shower and outdoor speakers so you can enjoy nice weather without ever leaving your vehicle.


-One downside of the 2018 Coachmen Apex Nano 193BHS is that it doesn’t have much insulation. While it may be enjoyable in the summer months, cold weather camping may prove uncomfortable due to its lack of adequate insulation. Additionally, those who plan on cooking in their RV should note that the size of the kitchen requires special planning; certain large dishes or pots may not fit into cabinetry or stovetop range.

-Lastly, running all of the technology found in this camper can cause some strain on its electrical system; if too many devices are plugged in at once there might be difficulties starting up other devices or lighting up certain areas of the RV when necessary. Therefore careful planning needs to take place when using this camper for extended periods on remote trips when electrical hookups are not available.

Summary: Exploring the 2018 Coachmen Apex Nano 193BHS

The 2018 Coachmen Apex Nano 193BHS is a must-have for RVers looking to explore the outdoors without sacrificing comfort. Offering just enough room for up to six people with two double and one twin bed, this compact camper fits even those with small tow vehicles while offering incredible features that enhance any camping experience.

This model is constructed with a fiberglass exterior and an interior radius roof that maximizes living space without feeling boxed in. The fully loaded lifestyle package offers all necessary amenities such as air conditioning and a refrigerator, along with a 2-burner gas range, microwave/hood combination, and lovely cabinets for storage in the kitchenette. A booth dinette and sofa both convert into beds plus there’s also an extendable u-dinette which easily sleeps two people on cold nights or serves as additional seating during meals or game time.

For the outdoor enthusiasts, this camper comes fitted with a power tongue jack, power stabilizer jacks, aluminum wheels, premium tinted safety glass windows and exterior speakers to enhance your experience. Additional add-on options include TV antenna, spare tire carrier & cover, rear ladder, heated mattresses and blackout shades—just sit back and enjoy!

No matter where you decide to roam off to next summer – be it beachside campgrounds or deep woods exploration–the 2018 Coachmen Apex Nano 193BHS provides countless camping adventures; so grab your suitcase (or gear), pack up your family and hit the road!

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